Benefits of Using International Logistics Services of Flying Fish Inc.

Cost Reduction
Having a single point of contact, we reduce costs and provide high-quality services.
Not only do we focus on the beneficial costs, but also provide essential care needed for the customers to experience appropriate and high-quality services.
At the same time, while constantly striving to improve the efficiency of logistics, we coordinate the entire operation from a professional perspective, providing precise advise and suggestions to our customers.
Support for Procedures
Understanding delivery and transportation environments in overseas countries, we control the whole process appropriately.
Utilizing our strong network including our overseas bases, affiliated agencies, and domestic and overseas bases of the corporate group, we realize optimal logistics tailored to our customers’ supply chain management.
Support for Procedures
Familiar with export/import regulations and troublesome procedures, our staff will provide careful support.
Our dedicated staff, who are well versed in international transportation and export/import customs duties, work together with our customers from pickup to delivery to ensure efficient logistics.

Major Services of Flying Fish Inc.

1. International Ocean Freight

International Ocean Freight

In a country like Japan, which is surrounded by the sea, a stable ocean freight service is essential in order to conduct economic activities across borders.
In fact, most of the transportation handled in our company is ocean freight.
While the main transportation is by container vessels such as FCL and LCL, we also handle conventional and Ro-Ro vessels.
A door-to-door integrated transportation service is available for all exports/imports, and cross transport.

2. International Air Freight

International Air Freight

Speed is becoming increasingly important in modern international logistics. This is why air freight is necessary in addition to ocean freight.
As with ocean freight and air freight, we handle all exports/imports and tripartite trades, ensuring urgent and high-value-added cargoes are delivered door-to-door.

3. Customs Clearance


We make arrangements for export/import clearance at all ports and airports in Japan.
As for customs clearance, there are several steps to follow such as customs declaration and other legal applications. We will assist our customers to ensure that all the procedures are carried out smoothly.
In addition, we do export/import customs clearance through our experienced partner agencies in the world, so there is no need to worry about various overseas regulations.

4. Warehousing & Fulfillment

Warehousing & Fulfillment

We are partnered with many warehouse companies in Japan and overseas. Please consult with us regardless of storage environment such as room, chilled, and frozen temperature.
We handle the whole procedure from storage to delivery.
In addition, our parent company NAIGAI TRANS LINES has a lot of infrastructure materials including its own warehouses overseas that can be introduced to our customers.

5. Temperature-Controlled Transportation

Temperature-Controlled Transportation

There are many foods and chemicals that require attention to temperature control during transportation.
With a lot of experience in handling such foods and chemicals that require temperature control, we can arrange chilled and frozen transportation and storage in Japan and overseas, whether by ocean or air.
We propose an optimal transportation environment for each item.

6. Special Cargo Transportation

Special Cargo Transportation

Not only do we handle general cargo, but also of materials used in exhibitions and concerts, and of heavy load such as industrial machinery.
This type of cargo requires accustomed operations and particular customs clearance documents that are different from ordinary cargo. In our company, however, our experienced staff are available to meet your needs from pickup to packing, shipping and delivery.

Features of Flying Fish

3PL Services

3PL Services

We have been focusing on the 3PL business for many years, and have been highly evaluated by many customers.
Not just as a carrier but also as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we plan and implement optimal logistics for our customers.

【What is 3PL?】
“3” in 3PL means “third party,” or “third existence” that is neither a customer nor a carrier. Adopting this standpoint, we offer flexible proposals while seeking the best path for customers.
Having an objective point of view as a third party for customers (first party) and domestic warehouses and distributors (second party), we can propose optimal logistics solutions for the customers.

Comprehensive Contract with Flying Fish

【Benefits to Customers】
*Integration of contact points for logistics operations *Clarification of responsibilities *Cost reduction through overall optimization *Focus on core businesses

Food Transportation from Europe (especially Italy and Belgium)

Food Transportation from Europe (especially Italy and Belgium)

One of our main businesses is food transportation from Europe.
Especially in Italy and Belgium, with the cooperation of overseas agencies that have developed long-term relationships with us, we handle a wide range of products including canned tomatoes, pasta, wine, French fries, and chocolate.
With a wealth of experience and expertise, we can propose the most suitable transportation method for each item.
We also offer Reefer LCL service from Genova to Tokyo. (15℃/Humidity controlled)
Please contact our sales representative for details.

Cooperation with NAIGAI TRANS LINES

Cooperation with NAIGAI TRANS LINES

As a group company of NAIGAI TRANS LINES, which is a major international logistics company, we are collaborating with its overseas bases in addition to our own overseas bases and affiliated agencies, strengthening our relationship each year.
NAIGAI TRANS LINES is Japan’s largest export consolidator with more than 20 overseas bases.
It also has its own warehouses in three countries (Korea, Singapore, and India).
Another feature of our company is the ability to provide services that utilize the network infrastructure of NAIGAI TRANS LINES.

Difference from other companies

Differences between flying fish and other companies

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